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  • Indianapolis, IN, USA
  • Full Time
  • Professional/Administrative

Location:  Administration

Section:  Human Resources


Reports To: Director of Human Resources

Supervises:  N/A


FLSA Status Exempt

Grade Level:  7

Job Summary:   The Recruitment Coordinator is responsible developing, implementing and managing a recruitment and retention strategy to achieve the agency's goals.      

Job Profile:

  • Inspires unity and cooperation across departments by providing an extraordinary level of customer service to internal and external customers.
  • Diligently strives to creatively source and onboard quality employees.
  • Stimulates a professional culture that recognizes and values the diversity and contributions made by all staff.
  • Enthusiastically supports all retention efforts, from on-boarding to recognition


Key Areas of Accountability/Essential Elements

  • Establishes and implements a "best practices" recruiting process consistent with Tangram's mission, vision and values as well as with Tangram's strategic plan. 
  • Builds relationships with key stakeholders, including hiring managers, other Tangram leadership, current employees, recruiting sources and community resources.
  • Develops and maintains a pipeline of applicants for all Tangram positions, particularly Direct Support Professionals and Community Resource Professionals.
  • Demonstrates a "can do" attitude to elevate the recruiting and retention efforts to highest agency priority.  


1.       Leadership

 A.  Facilitates the communication of the department and agency vision and strategic goals to all stakeholders, creating an understanding and desire to contribute toward the achievement of those goals.

 B.  Contributes to the long term success of the department and agency through a commitment to staff professional development.

 D.  Reviews and evaluate the effectiveness of existing programs and maintains all standards for accreditation, fulfillment of contractual obligations, etc.

 E.  Complies with standards of confidentiality relating to all aspects of client and/or employee confidentiality issues

 F. Assumes responsibility for continuous personal professional development.

2.       Recruitment

  A.  Maintains ongoing communication with the internal stakeholders regarding open positions.

 B.  Using the applicant tracking system, ensures that all open positions are posted on the Tangram website as well as on selected external sites.

 C.  Builds community partnerships with external agencies that offer employment postings and/or job training opportunities as a source of applicants.

 D.  Processes all applications according to established policies and procedures.

 E.  Fields all incoming questions regarding applications and open positions.

 F.  Uses strategic means to attract a large and diverse pool of qualified candidates.

 G.  Interviews candidates according to standard processes.

 H.  Maintains ongoing communication with program managers regarding the scheduling of interviews.

 I.  Completes references on potential applicants within the stated time frame.

 J.  Participates in job fairs and other community events as needed to promote employment opportunities.

4.  Reporting

 A.  Maintains reports related to hiring statistics, i.e. turnover, retention, etc.

 B.  Prepares and distributes reports as scheduled or requested.

 C.  Maintains record of communications with agencies, schools, applicants and others to document recruiting efforts.


  Minimum Job Qualifications

 1.  Education:   College experience preferred, although relevant experience or certifications in the area of human resources and or human services field may be substituted.  Advanced computer skills required.

 2.  Work Experience:  At least one year of human resource experience; HR certification achieved or in progress preferred.

 3.  General Requirements: Must have a valid driver's license, acceptable driving record, meet agency's driver insurability requirements, reliable vehicle, and up to date automobile insurance.

 4.  Working Conditions:  Normal office environment with little, if any, discomfort due to heat, dust, noise, etc.  There is some bending, stooping and prolonged sitting.

 5.  Training Requirements during Employment:    Must stay current on all training as defined by state, accreditation body or agency guidelines, as well as stay up-to-date with human resource best practices.

 6.  Characteristics, Skills and Abilities:

 A. Adaptability:  The degree to which the employee is able to maintain effectiveness in varying environments and with varying tasks, responsibilities, or people.

 B. Ability to Learn:  The degree to which the employee is able to assimilate and apply, in a timely manner, new job related information that may vary in complexity.

 C. Tolerance for Stress:  The degree to which the employee maintains acceptable performance under pressure and/or opposition (e.g. time pressure, job ambiguity) and relieves stress in a way that is acceptable to the organization.

 D. Teamwork:  The degree to which the employee works effectively with teams, work groups, or those outside formal lines of authority in order to accomplish assignments or goals; takes action that respects the needs and contributions of others.

 E. Planning and Organization:  The degree to which the employee establishes a course of action for himself or herself in order to accomplish assignments or goals.

 F. Judgment:  the degree to which the employee is able to develop alternative courses of action and make decisions that are based on logical assumptions and that reflect factual information.

 G. Problem Solving:  the degree to which the employee is able to secure relevant information, compare and contrast data from a number of different sources, identify key issues and their relationships as well as their impact on situations or problems.  In addition, determine alternative courses of action that will have a positive effect.

 H. Written Communication:  The degree to which the employee is able to express ideas clearly in writing which demonstrates a sound knowledge of organization, grammar, language and terminology adjusted to the characteristics and needs of the intended audience. 

 I. Oral Communication:  The degree to which the employee is able to verbally express ideas and/or convey information respectfully, clearly and effectively in one on one or group situations.

 J. Customer Service:  The degree to which the employee makes an effort to listen to and understand the customer (both internal and external) and anticipates customer needs, giving high priority to customer's satisfaction.



This position has been closed and is no longer available.


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