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Job Profile:
• Helps clients secure and maintain competitive employment by conducting job development activities that are directed towards their vocational goals
• Provides training and support to job candidates once they have secured employment
• Develop and maintain professional relationships with local businesses/potential employers
• Focus on meeting the identified employment needs of the potential employers

Key Areas of Accountability / Essential Functions
1. Customer Service
A. Maintain business/employer relationships focused on meeting the identified needs of the employer.
B. Build and maintain positive relationships with employer personnel, focused on creating successful placement of job candidates.
C. Provide training and support to job candidates, creating a successful job placement.
D. Represent Tangram in a positive way through presenting a professional image, maintaining knowledge of general standards of business etiquette, and demonstrating responsiveness to employers.

2. Training
A. Visit identified worksites to observe and perform jobs to learn responsibilities for a given position prior to placement of candidate.
B. Review the Individualized Plan for Employment and assessments as developed by the candidates' support team to assure familiarity with the needs, skills and goals of the candidate.
C. Provide customized one-to-one training to aid the placement in acquiring the work and interpersonal skills needed to meet the employer' expectations for work performance and social functioning in the work setting. This would include role modeling, demonstration, shadowing and emotional/social support.
D. Identify key personnel who would aid in the successful integration of the placement into the work setting, supplementing training provided by Tangram. With the goal of developing natural supports, the job coach will model and build relationships with co-workers that will empower the employee to succeed when the coach is no longer on the job site.
E. Assure the needs of the employer are met during the training phase, focusing on tangible outputs in terms of productivity and efficiency, while identifying reasonable accommodations if needed to achieve the employer needs.
F. Monitor and evaluate the ongoing progress of the placement regarding goals, skill building and job objectives according to a given schedule.
G. As the placement gains proficiency and demonstrates success, systematically fade from the immediate work setting.
H. Maintain ongoing communication with the placement, employer and team to assure ongoing success, working with the employer to address client performance issues.

3. Reporting and Record Keeping
A. Maintain required records, providing an accurate indication of the status of potential candidates, placements, employers and teams.
B. Communicate this information with all team members as appropriate.
C. Maintain a calendar available to all internal team members.
D. Collect and /or interpret assessment data as requested.
E. Maintain a record of all time worked.

Minimum Job Qualifications
1. Education: Bachelor's Degree from an accredited four-year college or university with major course work in Human Services, Education, Vocational Counseling or other field closely related. An Associate's Degree with significant experience may be considered in lieu of the Bachelor's Degree

2. Work Experience: Requires 2 years of experience working with individuals with disabilities or as an adult educator or as a vocational related field.

3. General Requirements: Must have a valid driver's license, acceptable driving record, meet agency's driver insurability requirements, reliable vehicle, and up to date automobile insurance.

4. Working Conditions: As this individual will be assisting candidates in placements in various work environments, this will be dependent upon each individual work environment.

5. Training Requirements during Employment: Maintain all required trainings as outlined by accreditation standards or internal standards. Maintain a working knowledge of regulatory changes and best practices in the field of Human Resources. Complete all job specific training as requested.

6. Characteristics, Skills and Abilities:
A. Planning and Organization: The ability to establish a course of action for self and/or others to accomplish a specific goal; planning proper assignments of personnel and appropriate allocation of resources.
B. Judgment: The ability to develop alternative courses of action and make decisions which are based on logical assumptions and which reflect factual information.
C. Leadership: The ability to use appropriate interpersonal styles and methods to guide individuals or groups toward goal achievement; modifying behavior according to tasks and individuals involved.
D. Integrity: The ability to maintain and promote social, ethical, and organizational norms in conducting internal and external business activities.
E. Developing Talent: The ability to develop others skills and competencies by planning effective development activities.
F. Teamwork: The degree to which the employee works effectively with teams, work groups, or those outside formal lines of authority in order to accomplish assignments or goals; takes action that respects the needs and contributions of others.
G. Written Communication: The degree to which the employee is able to express ideas clearly in writing which demonstrates a sound knowledge of organization, grammar, language and terminology adjusted to the characteristics and needs of the intended audience. 
H. Oral Communication: The degree to which the employee is able to verbally express ideas and/or convey information clearly and effectively in one on one or group situations.
I. Customer Service: The degree to which the employee makes an effort to listen to and understand the customer (both internal and external) and anticipates customer needs, giving high priority to customer's satisfaction.

This position has been closed and is no longer available.


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